Светкавица Pixel Mago за Canon-Rental
Код: RENT-Mago Цена
Наличност: 1 бр. 12.00 лв. / на ден

Под наем за 10лв. на ден!
Системна TTL светкавица висок клас
Водещо число - 65 –ISO 100/200mm
Зуум покритие - 20 - 200mm
Авто зуум
Ръчен зуум
Режими на работа - E-TTL, M, Multi
Синхронизация - 1-во перде, 2-ро перде, HSS
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Pixel Mago speedlite is equipped with unprecedented high performance configuration. The flash GN is up to GN65; accurate and consistent firing; Max. stroboscopic flash times can up to 500 times; Mago has a built-in 4 watt white light LED creative fill-light; using high definition LCD dot matrix screen, allowing the function settings is simple and concise; it has invented multi-dox matrix temperature control design which can ensure no overheating or malfunction; with selected high quality components, it’s stable and durable. And its working time is greatly extended; user can also upgrade firmware via USB port. Mago truly intergrated luxurious configuration with competitive price.!