Rules and Terms for equipment renting from Dynaphos LTD

Renting period

   Dynaphos LTD gives renting equipment to phisical persons and companys.
   Any renting of equipment is for a minimum 1 day.
   The rental period begins when the renter accepts the equipment and ends at the moment in which the rented equipment is returned.
   Rental periods:

  • 1 day: the equipment is rented for 24 h. period of time. 
    Bonus option: the equipment may be taken in the evening of the preceding day and returned the next day morning (before 10 hours) as this is considered 1 day.
  • Weekend: you can rent equipment on Friday after 17 h. and come back on Monday before 11 h. and the cost will be1.5 daily rent.
  • 3 days: equipment can be rented for a period of three days and will pay rent for two days.
  • Week: hiring equipment for one-month period will cost 4 daily rents.

   Conditions of employment of equipment is in force untill its return the at Dynaphos LTD office in a state in which it is taken.
   Leased equipment is provided to the first who made their request for it. To ensure availability for the period in which you plan to use rental equipment, make a request in advance.

Finantial condition

   The price amount of rental equipment is formed by the prices of the equipment showen in

The renter rents the equipment by paying a deposit (for registered customers and customers with previous history, the deposit is the rental price, otherwise the deposit is indicated in the description of each product). The deposit does NOT cover the value of the product and non-return of rental or loss of product is NOT covered by the use of the deposit. The deposit covers the risk of damage, delay and costs arising from failure to return the equipment and may be used for the purposes listed, but the customer remains responsible for the rental equipment at its full value, the rental price for the time from collection/shipment to return and for the resulting costs and time to repair and return the equipment.

Upon return of the rented equipment, Dinafos Ltd deducts the agreed rental amount and returns the balance of the deposit to the renter. In case of damage or loss of the rented equipment, Dinafos Ltd is entitled to make the necessary deductions from the deposit to repair the damage and recover the loss.
   All shipping costs of leased equipment are covered by the renter.
   Delays in the return of the equipment will be charged as follows: up to 3 h. - 40% of the 24 h. rental period, afther that the charge becomes 1 daily rent for each delayed day untill the return of the equipment at the Dynaphos LTD office.
   A reservation can be canceled no later than 48 hours before the requested period. If canceled after this period the renter should pay full 24 hour rental of the requested equipment.

Hiring and documents

   The renter is obliged to use the equipment only for the purpose agreed between the parties, personally and without the right to assign or transfer to any third party in any way.
   For each hiring of equipment requires a copy of the face and back of the renters ID card.
   Dynaphos LTD reserves the right to refuse to give rental equipment to any phisical person or company.

Damages and loses 

   Dynaohos LTD offers equipment only in working condition. All equipment is checked and tested every time before it is taken for rent and at every return. In case of any problem with the equipment should immediately notify Dynaphos LTD. Damages that have been notified after the return of rented equipment can be considered for damage caused by the renter during the rental period.
   The RENTER is obliged to use the equipment according to its purpose and according to the operating conditions laid down in the technical documentation, with due care.
   The RENTER is responsible for any damage caused to the leased property and must remove them at his own expense. Dynaphos LTD will require the RENTER to pay the entire cost of the repair plus rental for each day until the repairs. The renter should not attempt himself or through other persons to carry out repairs. The equipment can be repaired only by authorized service of Dynaphos LTD. If the property unusable the RENTER have to pay its full value in the current pricelist of Dynaphos LTD
   Each leased equipment that is not returned within three days after the scheduled date of return without prior notification will be considered for lost or stolen, unless they made additional provisions to extend the rental period.

Responsibilities and guarantees

   Renting a flash / constant light with battery Dynaphos LTD provides a charged battery and charger, but does not warrant the battery life and recommends taking extra battery. 
   Dynaphos LTD is not responsible for any losses, damages, lost profits or gains, in the event that the rented equipment is not working or is not properly used.
   Dynaphos LTD is not responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of the use of rented equipment by the renter .